Razie Darzi

Razie Darzi



My Experiences

Workshops and Exhibitions

Workshop for Touhid students , Illustration,2024

"Khuzestan is not alone" Exhibition, Alborz, Iran, 2021

“Evening Art 1-6” cartoonworkshop & exhibition, Tehran, Iran, 2017-2021

“One Friendly Story” Art Exhibition in Cartoon Section, Association for the Protection of  Working Children, 2021


Author of 30 kidsbook, Iran2023-2024

Authorillustrator, “A New Thing”2024

“Famous Women in Iran part 2 ,” Hopa Publisher, Tehran, Iran, 2022

Illustration for "Newrooz" Magazin, Iran, 2022

“Popo under the sea,” Popo Smiles, California, USA, 2019

Awards and Honors

Best illustration award from Corona Virus Festival, Mahabad Book Development, and Book Reading Group, 2020

Selected for the fifth Resistance Cartoon Festival among 70 selected works, 2019

Awarded at the Regional Festival of Family Consolidation Cartoon, Sari, 2018

Selected picture book creation workshop in "Scientific and Cultural Publications of the Year"  2014

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Still Amol, Mazandaran, Iran

I have always worked on caricatures as an integral part of my life alongside other activities. Caricatures which now I share with the public through publications. (Of course, if any publication remains!) I am happy that more viewers are seeing it. For some time now, I have been sitting behind my desk, drinking my café, working on orders, and developing the "Mrs. Bolour" brand to make my work available to you dear ones as practical products. This story continues...

Amol, Mazandaran, Iran

My name is Razie Darzi. I was born on the fourth of Farvardin in 1368, around 10 o'clock in Hafezi Hospital in Amol. (Now they have destroyed the hospital and a clothing store has opened in its place!) My sister used to say that she was sitting on the stairs of our grandfather's house and praying for a baby girl! Although it was a bit late to pray, but well, God granted her wish! From that moment on, I became the youngest child in the house, my siblings are older than me and both of my parents are teachers (although they are retired now). That's why there were always pens and books to be found in our house, and what better place than a book for a child to scribble on! That's how I started scribbling on my father's books, the walls of the house, etc. from when i was six months old. My childhood passed in Mahmoudabad town until I was four years old; undoubtedly the sea is one of the most important memories of my childhood, whether swimming or digging the yard to find water. After that, we moved to Amol forever. After finishing first grade at elementary school, due to my father's job, we moved to Turkey for three years.

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